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Overpacking (or as subtitled by Mo "A Stellar Wife")

I used to travel for work a LOT.  Back before my son was born I was a consultant for a company that had me on the road at least one full week a month.  Some jobs I would stay onsite for weeks and only come home for weekends.  I don’t travel as much now, but packing has gotten harder.  The older I get, the harder it is to leave home and the more of my home life I end up wanting to take with me.  Of course, you can always buy what you need if you forget it, but many of the things I use and love are things you can’t go to Walmart or Target and replace. (That is a whole other post, lol).   As a result, I am a classic over packer.

Every what-if scenario gets consideration.  It’s springtime and sunny so short sleeves for sure except that I always get cold and it might rain so long sleeves and maybe we will go somewhere nice for dinner but I’m not sure if it will be really nice or semi-casual, so I need several choices for dress up.  Don’t even get me started on the pants and shoes to match these choices, or the pile of workout clothes that still need to be tucked in there somewhere…. This last trip also included all my rug-hooking clobber, so this time I actually needed a second suitcase to cram it all in. 

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Cherries On Your Sundae

I'm still in recovery mode from my vacay/staycay in St. Louis. I was way out of my normal eating mode, eating every snack mom had in the house, plus eating the Gooey Butter Cake that I cannot get anywhere except St. Louis. If you have never had it, fly immediately to St. Louis and get a piece. Maybe have another before you fly home. Maybe grab an extra piece for the plane ride.  Did I mention I also took home a pan of walnut squares in my carry-on? Thanks mom, they were gone within 24 hours of arriving home. :)

So here I sit, bloated and uncomfortable, trying to get back into my routine of work and exercise and being an annoying slightly-helicopter-end-of-school-year-parent to my seventeen year old son, and of course being a care partner. My thoughts today and the last few days have been about relationships, especially the ones that have been established and moving along for a long time before PD became part of the vocabulary. 

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