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Boxing Gloves and Paint Brushes

So where to begin, honestly, I have no idea. I guess it starts six weeks ago with my diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. It hit me like a load of bricks. Well, actually, it didn’t. I wasn’t surprised at all. It wasn’t a shock, totally expected. So what to do with the diagnosis then… lay back, get sick, rollover… NAH, I was energized. Within two weeks of my diagnosis, I had attended four support groups, joined seven Facebook PD groups, started a blog with my wife(that turned into a full-blown website) and bought a treadmill. If I’m going down, I’m going down “all in” I figured.

The engagement I have on Facebook is mostly with people who are worse off than me, typically a lot worse. And among those peeps, there’s a lot of chatter about rocksteady boxing. I looked up rocksteady boxing in Colorado Springs and found… Two gyms, both over 70 miles away. That does me no good. What is a guy to do? I’ll tell you, you start your own gym. Backtrack two weeks to a support group where I Met Emily the PT. Emily has big plans for newly diagnosed for group wanted to meet to discuss. I have big plans for a new gym.  So, we get together and chat. During our discussion over coffee, Emily informed me there are multiple boxing classes, and big and loud classes, and power classes, and delay the disease classes, and cycling glasses, soon to be water aerobics classes, you get the picture. On top of that, they’re all free paid for by the Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies and free for participants. Rocksteady boxing gym idea down the toilet. But Emily says, art, what we really need is art for our PD community.

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"Badass Treadmill"

So my dear wife bought me a new toy. A NordicTrack “1750 bad ass treadmill”, really, that’s what it says on the side. This thing is a beast. Basically, it is desktop computer with a spinning tread. It’s pretty amazing. The problem being, I have some thoughts on exercise. Uh, exercise sucks. I think it’s safe to say I haven’t done anything that could be considered exercise for at least the past seven years. A stint or two at a gym or two that might have lasted three weeks tops. That would be the extent of it. I don’t “do exercise.” Back in the day, and were talking 30 years ago, I was quite athletic: biking, scaling Mountains, climbing rocks… Generally fit and rather buff. Those days are long gone as is my will to exercise. Enter Parkinson’s. Everyone says exercise, exercise,

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11 things I learned... 5.5.18

Spent the day today with 200 of my closest friends at a Parkinson’s symposium here in Colorado Springs. Guest speakers- neurologists, PTs, OT’s, STs and the like, vendors and door prizes! (I didn’t win anything)

Things I learned today:

1.       Now that I’m on carbidopa-levodopa I can fill out a name tag without my wife. It’s been a good while since I’ve been able to fill out a name tag that anyone else could read.

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Grief... short and sweet

Greetings peeps. Have a BS in psychology which makes me totally unqualified to discuss the following subject, but here I go anyway. Thoughts today are swirling around grief …in terms of Kubler Ross’ definition. She described five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. When this theory first came out it was presumed one traveled through these stages in order, denial to acceptance. The theory has evolved over the years and now it is assumed that you bop back and forth between all the stages over time.

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