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"Badass Treadmill"

So my dear wife bought me a new toy. A NordicTrack “1750 bad ass treadmill”, really, that’s what it says on the side. This thing is a beast. Basically, it is desktop computer with a spinning tread. It’s pretty amazing. The problem being, I have some thoughts on exercise. Uh, exercise sucks. I think it’s safe to say I haven’t done anything that could be considered exercise for at least the past seven years. A stint or two at a gym or two that might have lasted three weeks tops. That would be the extent of it. I don’t “do exercise.” Back in the day, and were talking 30 years ago, I was quite athletic: biking, scaling Mountains, climbing rocks… Generally fit and rather buff. Those days are long gone as is my will to exercise. Enter Parkinson’s. Everyone says exercise, exercise,

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It's Quiet... Too Quiet...

I'm back from my little vacation that was more like a staycation, even though I was in a different city.  It was nice to get out of my house for a little while and escape this pit that all of us have probably experienced around the time of diagnosis – the hole you fell into where it was ALL PD, ALL THE TIME.  It’s all you think about and worry about and talked about and stress about and it becomes an inescapable thing.  Lucky me, I got to climb out of the pit for a little while and breathe some non-PD air.  Unfortunately, I left Mo in the pit for a little while.  There is definitely some guilt that goes along with the notion that you the care partner can exit the building, while your Parkie is stuck.  However, I think we have to let the guilt go if we can, because those moments of ‘freedom’ might be few and far between, and we have to accept the respite from stress when we can get it.  And let’s face it, your Parkie may be grateful for the quiet and break from the constant chatter about PD as well.  It might be nice not to be reminded about Parkinson’s every minute of the day.  Have you taken your pills?  How’s your tremor today?  Are you having trouble swallowing?  Is that dosage of C/L still working?  You need to exercise.  When’s your next neuro appointment?  So, maybe a break for Mo, too.

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The Things We Keep

  I am visiting my parents in my hometown this week, in a little tiny town most people have never heard of.  I’ve spent my life just telling people I am from St. Louis, although it is a 45-minute drive away.  The past few days have been spent driving around to places that look only partly familiar to me.  I grew up here in the 70’s and 80’s when there wasn’t much of anything.  No McDonalds, no Starbucks, lots of not-much.  There is now an overlay of growth over everything.  An area that was once just a huge wooded hill across from the parking lot where I had my summer job before college was flattened and turned into a giant complex of shopping centers, restaurants, and movie theaters.

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Testing... one, two, three...

Feeling a tad guilt ridden; mostly because my wife is being prolific and I’m not. So I thought I would do a quick blog about a new toy I have. I purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking and headset. My trimmer was so bad I was unable to type on my phone send texts or emails, so I started speaking to text on my phone. It works swimmingly. I thought why not on my computer as well, specifically write blog. Typing is not my skill set nor will it ever be. But talking, that I can do. At this very moment I’m using Dragon speak my new headset out of the box. Hence the typos I’m sure you’ve noticed. You wanted to give you an idea what you can expect on day one with your new toy.

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Moping and Coping

The weather here is typical for April in Colorado.  Gorgeous and sunny one day, snowing and freezing and gray the next.  After sixteen years here I should be used to the volatility, but it still catches me off guard and throws me off my game...

I have a fairly serious case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and lack of sunlight does bad things to my state of mind in the fall and winter, probably more so in the springtime when I am not as diligent about my SAD management.  A few sunny days and I stop thinking I need my routine.  Adding PD stress to the mix is a recipe for disaster.

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I'm No Superman

The inspiration to write does not come easily to me. Participating in a blog with my wife is almost ironic on some levels; not a great sharer, not a great writer, and my follow through on such things leaves something to be desired. Figuring out what to write about, also, is a challenge, one that I'm not sure I will always be up to. My guess is my wife will post more than I will. My guess is I will respond to comments, feedback (and our soon to come forum) and do admin tasks more than she will. Like all things, this will be a balancing act and delegation of duties, not unlike our marriage ; )

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