Things We Can't (or Shouldn't) Live Without

Here is a compilation of reader submitted PD gadgets and tools to make our lives easier. This list is by no means exhaustive or complete.... it will be ever evolving ... Please share via email your insights so others may benefit from your experiences and successes.  Links are in red and will take you to the Amazon page (typically)... as an aside (and disclaimer ;  ) , we do not personally endorse the items on this page, yet all have come recommended by out readers.


siganture link.jpg

Custom Signature Stamp - Self Inking Personalized Signature Stamp   Hard to believe I lived without this. 

ergo pens.jpg
rocker knife.jpg

Becky J -We use a wireless doorbell with the ringer on a lanyard. I can plug it into outside outlets if I am out in the garden or in the house. My bedroom is on the far side of the house from Dad's. It hangs on the bed rail at night. Dad doesn't have to wait. I don't have to hover. Becky Johnstone I'm here 24/7. I'm much faster than Life Alert.


bed rail.jpg

Gareth H -I recently bought a bed Rail, I wish I’d got it years ago.


light box.jpg

Steven B- Light box therapy? Dunno if they work.  (It works ; )  Mo).


weighted blanket.jpg

Jeanne A- I think a weighted blanket would have helped too


adaptive knife.jpg

Jean P - I use a steak knife as it is easy to use to cut food saves me having to ask for it to be cut (I couldn’t find an adaptive “steak knife” , but this one does have serrations… Mo)


car cane.jpg

Sue S- We have a car cane in each car to help hubby get out of the car. They are on Amazon too.


sock helper.jpg

Jeff V -This had been my saving grace. SD Sock Slider Aid Helper Kit Helps Put Socks On Off No Bending Shoe Horn…

Sock Slider No Bending



Barbara S -The best thing we did was change our tub into a shower with grab bars.  (There are a ton of bars on amazon … I didn’t link because I think they should be professionally installed…Mo)We have a commode on hand from another family member which we have had to use on two separate occasions. No need for anything else so far but would be nice to have a go to list when things come up.



David C -Hi Mo. The best thing I have is one of those things that is used to grab stuff that is out of reach. Every time I use it I offer a wee prayer of thanks for the NHS nurse that gave it to me 3 years ago, telling me "Maybe not now, but someday".


shower chair.jpg

Nancy - The shower with grab bars is great (Same story …MO)...but even if you can't afford the conversion, adding grab bars to the wall of a tub and putting a seat in the tub or shower will lessen falls. Also, that really cool set of utensils especially the spoon that has the convoluted handle coated with rubber is awesome.


seat belt extender.jpg

Bronwyn C- We use many things one is a seat belt extension. Makes putting on the seatbelt easier. Most days.


weighted pencil.jpg

Kay- I use weighted pencil I got at Amazon, I also print.



Glenda S- I bought my husband a set of weighted silverware.... he doesn’t use them … just cause he hates them today.... tomorrow  is another day



Bob B- self tie elastic shoe laces.... these are great


Joseph F- I started with resistance bands training and was looking to add something cardio to my exercise routine. Problem is I have really bad rheumatoid arthritis and my joints are just gone, so walking or riding a bike are out. Even swimming hurts! 
Enter the Simply Fit Board. You may have seen this thing in the store or on tv. It’s this curved skateboard looking thing that you stand on and twist. Absolutely no impact and the first time I used it I could barely do it for five minutes!! Now I’m up to 30 every other day. I love it! Perfect for me and anyone else with arthritic issues.

finger grip with wrist leash.jpg

CIndy Aa suggests Cell Phone Finger Ring Holder with a wrist leash.... easier to hold phone in one hand and wrist leash keeps your phone from hitting the floor when it "slips" your grasp!