"Parkingson's"... by Virginia W.

This guy at the is coffee house tried to flirt with me. I took of my ring earlier that day, because I was cooking and didn’t want to get the ring dirty. So of course, he didn’t realize I was taken. Not his fault. I was trying to ignore him, but then he started to rant about people who didn’t look disabled, and park in disabled parking spot, even though they have placards. He didn’t realize he was talking to one of his said people. He finally got my attention and I said “I have Parkinson’s and I get dizzy getting out and standing out of my vehicle, and sometimes my meds are off, and I have trouble walking when my meds are not working properly, and my next dose is hours away. I try not to park in handicap spots when I can, but sometimes I just can’t help it. Have you tried to find a close parking spot when you can’t walk right. Boy is that hard at times.” That shut the conversation right up. Then when it was my time to get up and pay my hands started to shake real bad and had to tell the cashier sorry I am having trouble my Parkinson’s meds and they are wearing off. Loud enough where the flirty guy could hear me. Hard to be loud when your voice can be soft with Parkinson’s, but I did manage. Felt like I was screaming, but you know. The guy’s eyes were on me, my shaky hands holding two coffee shakes, and my leg that was giving trouble the whole time. I had to walk far due to no parking space. Hopefully that makes him think twice about judging someone.