The Sun Shines By Nina J

I’m in a fine mood today
The sun shines in my heart
Positivity and encouragement
To give our day a good start,
Hope radiates
Infecting all those near
It is my gift to you today
As I long to bring you cheer,
It’s a tough life that we lead
But let Pd not overtake us
Think of the skills we learn
And how stubborn this PD thing makes us,
Oh I’ve been under dark clouds
Many times as you all know
But I still have precious golden days
Where Mr P can’t stop my glow,
And every day I will fight
Do what I need to do
To slow down this degenerative race
So I can be here longer with you,
When the day looks gloomy
Look hard for that ray of hope
You’ll find what you need I promise
Even if it’s just enough for that day to cope



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