When you're down and out... by Mark E.

A friend of mine was going through a bad time and I posted a response. Many people commented on my response how much it helped them. So I thought, why not share what I said to everyone in case someone else might find solace. Disclaimer.... one of the most difficult things I do is struggle to heed my own words! Here you go, I hope this helps anyone searching.

“When we are down life loves to come along and kick us further to the curb! What life does not realize is just how strong we are! I know everything seems very dark right now. In this darkness you are not alone. Just extend your hand and another hand will instantly grab hold. Then another and another. As a group you will get through the darkness and eventually back into the sunshine! Usually we find out that we just need to open our eyes, stop clenching them closed and the rest will fall in place. You are a Parkinsons warrior. You are capable of so much. Push through the pain and anguish! You are a winner! You have so much more to do and give. Don’t waste a precious moment and live for the day, each day. Yesterday is gone. What is, is! Tomorrow exists only in our imagination. The ONLY thing that matters is the here and now! When I get overwhelmed I shrink my surroundings down to things I can manage at the time. Some moments all I can do is focus on breathing. Do that, then slowly open yourself up, test the waters and find a comfortable zone. You can do it! I have faith in you!“. Mark E.