Mo's PD Playlist

You know when you’re in one of those places in life where all the songs on the radio have a “special meaning?” The artist speaking directly to you about major truths of life. That first heavy love, the devastating breakup… When you find out you PD ; )  I think we all have those times. Yet, this is isn’t one for me. These songs are not meaningful per se. This is just a sample playlist of some of songs that are  getting me through my first couple weeks of my Dx. Music helps me tune out and tune off right now. These songs speak to me ‘musically’ not necessary ‘lyrically’… know what I mean?… Again don’t read too deep into the lyrics, I just like the songs.

As an aside, I’m not a big fan of music videos. That said, YouTube is my only option to share these songs. So click an an artist, push play, and close your eyes… 

We got this...



Alt J

nathaniel rateliff and the night sweats

van morrison


dave brubeck

the beatles

puddles pity party (ok, I like this video)

lord huron


robert delong

Skrillex  (Not for the faint at heart ... turn up your bass ; )

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