Eclectic as All Get Out By JDan G

For me, music is the flow that makes the world turn. Good music inspires us with its beats, lyrics, and harmonies so that we can create soundtracks for the places that we're in. Three decades ago, I started making mix tapes to show this. That was an all day labor of love. Now, I just sift through my computer to find what I need. It's still fun, but the CDs run on 80 minutes instead of 120 minutes and I don't have to open up tons of CDs, tapes, records, and VHS tapes to record parts for these masterpieces. Today, I have soundtracks for things such as my wedding, the places I travel, the moods that I am in, and the attitudes / emotions I feel at the time. I've gone through old tapes and resurrected them to CDs or MP3 playlists. You either understand it or you don't. To me, it's like breathing.. very instinctive. People often ask, "How can you need more music when you have so much already?" The answer is that you either understand music as a vibrant expression or you don't. Nick Hornby, the author of High Fidelity and Songbook explains this well. Here, music becomes a drug that lifts us up in the most positive and driven of ways if we open our minds to the piano on the Rolling Stones' Exile on Mainstreet or hear all the separate instruments on Miles Davis' Miles Davis Runs the Voodoo Down. There's no horrible side effects (even from listening to Justin Bieber). It's all good. Over time, our preferences change, but there are some songs that will always be a part of our history. This list contains a lot of those songs that express my life in the now (15). Perhaps you've heard some. Maybe you haven't. Either way, it's all good because you can hear my thoughts of getting ready for a week in San Fran.

Phish - Twenty Years Later (live)

Sting and Shaggy - Don't Make Me Wait

Jimmy Buffet - Margaritaville (live)

Clem Snide - Beautiful (Christina Aguilerra cover)

Okkervil River - Don't Move Back to LA

Nick Drake - Northern Sky

Billy Bragg and Jason Isbell - California Stars (live)

The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds

The Charlatans - Just When You're Thinking Things Over

Paul Simon and Willie Nelson - Graceland

Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine

Miles Davis - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down

Bitches Brew 1970 Album

Rocks Off ~ The Rolling Stones




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