PD Artists-a gallery


Well, I find myself inspired by Timothy J and Julie L. They both provided original artwork for their blog post. It got me to thinking, there must be tons of artists in our community. So, I thought why not provide a platform for everyone to show their work; we provide space for writing and music after all. Timothy and Julie are both painters, art to be sure, but were open to anything artistic for this page: jewelry making, photography, ceramics, glassblowing, photography, quilting… You get the picture, pretty much anything goes. So, all that said send me a Picture ( .jpg ) or two or four or seven of your work - hello@ShakeRattlebeWhole.com - and we will post it here. If you work is for sale, let me know and include an email address or website and I’ll post it along with your art in case anyone wants to get a hold of you. You are amazing and we look forward to pages and pages of artwork.

We got this.


MO Onstad -(Tillandsia/found objects)

 Tami O - Rug Hooking (wool  22" x 27") 

Tami O - Rug Hooking (wool  22" x 27") 

Tani Onstad - Rug Hooking (wool 22" x 27")  The design for Three Blooming Birches was originally created as a painting by folk artist Karla Gerard.  Thank you to Karla for allowing your design to be repurposed for rug hooking!

 Vera DeMay (Acrylic on canvas)- I started painting 4 years ago as a direct benefit of my PD. I am so grateful for this gift that I never had before and I love sharing them. I do sell my pictures - just contact me if interested. To see more, I have FB page: VKD Creations. (scroll through 7 paintings)

Mark Ewing (Functional art) - I am an engineer in every meaning of the word. I live to design, create and fix things. I’ve done the electrical and electronic part. Woodworking is the next step! It gives me purpose, happiness, satisfaction and something to do. I love making things people want and giving it to them. Their joy is my reward.


David Ashworth (Photography)- I don't consider myself a very artistic person. I could never draw anything more complicated than a stick figure. I could never sing, or play an instrument very well. I did a handful of poorly written poems, and short stories in high school, but that was the extent of my creativity, until I got a camera and a couple of decent lenses in my late 30s. I started to find that I do have a creative side. Of course, I am strictly an amateur, and have only the basic grasp of photography skills, but I have managed to get some decent photos, mainly because when you take a million pictures, a few are bound to be ok. Unfortunately, between my tremor that made it hard to hold a camera steady and the apathy that made me lose interest, it's become less and less frequent for me to even take out my camera. Maybe posting some of my photos will be the spark that gets me back into it. 

These are a few drawings of mine  that hold personal meaning...

first:  A self portrait called ‘Trying not to think about PD’

second.:  ‘When the tears start to flow’

third:  The pic with the cigarette is an idea I had for a book that Joel (fellow PD peep) was tinkering with!

fourth:  And the one with the gun is called ‘PD 9mm’ about visual hallucinations with PD medications!

my hope:  these images will encourage others to get motivated, be creative and get on the soul train!

Regards:  Murray


Petra B (various mediums)


Nina J (pencil/sketch book)


Zachery M (photography)

Julie L (oil)

I have only three painting s in the house .  Two I completed last week , and one I now call Alycone.  I started painting on the 11th of September, 2015 . I was 55 and had previously only ever painted beige walls in beige houses.  I had been living with Parkinson s disease for 8 years by then and DBS had been implanted with disappointing outcomes in 2013./4. 

I now lived in a caravan on Kangaroo Island (A ... end of the Earth) My children were lingering no longer and EX husband s, HAD PASSED (thankfully). 


Soon to be ex husband 2 had absconded with all my cash so I had very limited funds available for going out.So I bought 4 colour s of oil paints , the largest canvas I could carry and a tin of baked beans.I through the paint s on the canvas , pulled them back with my trusty hunting knife and The scary demon painting appeared. My painting s are my inner journey. Once done I have no need for them.Generally I give them away.They addorn hotel rooms, friends walls, cafes et al.You never know where. 

Name:    Michael (Mike) Pfeifer

Age:        59

DxPD:     Oct. 2003    

Employment:    Stopped work in June 2012 due to PD

Widowed in 2007

Location:    Carlsbad, NM, USA


I always had a bit of a creative streak but I never considered myself an artist or even particularly good at drawing. About 5 years ago my fondness for hiking led me to start making walking sticks from various plant parts found here in the Chihuahuan desert. I would always decorate these sticks with some kind of original design (fancy word for "doodle) using a wood burning tool. I always gifted these sticks to friends and family and several people told me that I had some artistic aptitude. Gait problems, especially freezing, have made hiking an activity in which I can no longer safely participate. Around 3 1/2 years ago I joined a local pottery studio at the suggestion of my father, who paints and makes wood carvings. My pottery did not show a lot of promise in the beginning - for one thing PD prevents me from being able to throw pots on a wheel, so I do what is called handbuilding. After some time my persistence paid off and I won a second place ribbon two years ago in the pottery category of our annual local art show. This year I got first place. I don't place too much importance on the ribbons other than as confirmation that my work has reached a decent quality and is consistent. I still make a few walking sticks here and there. I have also recently started photographing pottery in various stages of completion, using a 4 year old smart phone, and then playing around with the photo studio app that came with the phone, to create some fun images,


Mike Pfeifer