It’s Not All About Me (Really!)

Ok, I started out this morning writing a nice, heartfelt post about letting go of the things that don’t serve us (thank you Briana for posing this question to us in yoga this morning).  Somewhere in the midst of all the sticky-sweet loftiness I lost track of what I was really trying to say.  As I told Mo earlier, somewhere my words took a wrong turn and got stuck in the mud with no GPS.  I think the idea was that there is stress, stress, stress, stress, and yes, a little more stress.  And today that stress is NOT serving me.  It’s giving me nothing and, so I am giving it nothing in return.  TODAY I am not thinking about hail damage or puppy housetraining (or lack of) or the metric ton of storm s*it I am going to have to clean off my deck and patio before it looks like a normal yard again.

Today I am letting all of it go, and the topic is you.  I have been writing writing writing and you have been reading.  I know some of my current PD experience is your experience.  Some of your experience is not mine yet, and still waits in the wings.  So please tell me in comments what you want to hear about.  There is a page on our site for guest blogs, and I hope everyone will take advantage of that to post your own stories.  However, it would be great if you would tell me if you have things you want to hear about from me, or specific topics. 

Tomorrow we will be back to stream of consciousness stress-relieving musings.  Today, I am packing up and moving out of my overflowing brain, destination unknown.

Thanks to everyone who is reading, it means everything to me that someone is listening and taking something away from my posts.

Tami OnstadComment