And so it begins

SO the life span of a 501(c)(3)... here goes nothing. Today, spoke with Steve the Lawyer...he is setting up the articles of incorporation and  starting the paper work for the  501c3. Holy crap here we go! Gettin' real real quick. Also started a go fund me page. That was hard. Not technically, as it took all of 10 min to set up. I'm just not particularly good at asking for things... especially money. Not that is up, I just have to get the word out; actually ask for the money... uhhg  ; )  Shouldn't be too hard it's a good cause and I believe in it... peeps will respond. If you are interested you can click on Lend a Hand ; )

oh yea, I'm on twitter lol


off to hussle!!!!

Here is the go fund me "ad". Edits/additions welcome!

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to look into funding :
The Unsteady Hand-an artists collective. 

Our Mission Statement -- The Unsteady Hand strives to promote improved function, positivity and purposefulness in the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease though communal artistic engagement. -- 

We will be providing art supplies and instruction to small groups of Parkinson's peeps in various locations across Colorado year round. We aspire to increase fine motor skills, develop creativity and, perhaps most importantly,  provide an engaging community. We are in the first stages of incorporation and applying for our 501(c)(3) tax status... "Lawyer Steve" is all over it : )  That said, we could use some help paying said Lawyer Steve, the Feds (for our non profit application $400-800!!!), setting up Squarespace and our web presence ($200) , supporting my local print shop for the goods to spread the word ($150) ..... you get the idea.. a little seed money... we have momentum ... we're ready to act.  Every little bit helps.

Thank you,
MO Onstad
Diagnosed Parkinson's 4/13/18

we got this\MO